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career mode

Career mode is a video game term referring to a mode of gameplay that involves taking control of a single character and guiding the character through their career. The mode is normally associated with sports games, where it is referred to by various names such as "superstar mode", "My Player mode", and "Road to the Show mode", in which a player controls the career of a single athlete.
Normal features of the mode include tracking the character's statistics and customizing the character's appearance and attributes. Additional options may also be available, such as participating in various activities outside of the main gameplay, as in NBA 2K13 which allows players to spend virtual currency to make special appearances at charity functions to improve team chemistry.
Compared to other modes of a typical sports or racing video game, the pacing in the early moments of career mode tends to be conservative and in favor of experience point/money grinding. This is especially true in games like Gran Turismo 6 where a player starts out with enough money to buy a lowly Honda Fit as their first vehicle.

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