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Zara Larsson - Uncover

  1. This is Zara Larsson, she's just 15 years old! Back in 2008, a very young Larsson won the Swedish equivalent of America's Got Talent.

    This single Uncover is taken from her forthcoming EP 'Introducing.....'

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  2. Sounds very Rihanna-like :headphone:
  3. Great voice, she sounds better than Rihanna but maybe they are too similar
  4. Definitely sounds like Rihanna o_O
  5. Yes they are similar but I actually prefer her voice and she can sing :cat:
  6. Just sounds like Rihanna, only better ;)
  7. I'd have to hear some more material before deciding whether it is a blatant rip off or not.
  8. Sounds just like Rihanna