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Featured Xbox One Xbox Game Pass Expands To Include New Releases From Microsoft Studios

  1. Phil Spencer, Head of Gaming at Xbox, discusses a major update to the Xbox Game Pass program. Details below:

  2. Microsoft delighted everyone yesterday by announcing that all future first-party and Microsoft Studios-developed games will be added to Xbox Game Pass on release day.

    Seeing as some of the games – and all future first-party ones – are Xbox Play Anywhere titles, many wanted to know if the same promotion also extends to PC. According to Xbox’s head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, that is indeed the case.

    Greenberg was asked this very question by a Twitter follower, and he confirmed that any Xbox Play Anywhere title going forward will also be playable on PC at release as part of your Game Pass membership.

    This is great news for those who want to use the service as a way of trialling PC versions of Xbox games before committing, or really anyone interested in paying a small subscription to play a game compared to full price upfront.
  3. Microsoft continues to make Xbox Game Pass very interesting.

    After first announcing that, going forward, all future first-party games would be available on Xbox Game Pass on their day of release, the company confirmed that this also works on PC, provided the games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

    Now, the platform holder has announced that the same first-party exclusives will permanently remain as part of the Xbox Game Pass roster once they’re added, which is great news for anyone who feared they would be rotating in and out like the rest of the games in the pass.

    Xbox’s head of marketing Aaron Greenberg, and Major Nelson both confirmed this bit of news.

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