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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  1. Paddy is going really well on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He's got to £125,000 with all his lifelines.

    Chris: OK Paddy, for £250,000 which of the following was one of the Great Train Robbers was it:

    Ronnie Biggs

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Ronnie Corbett

    Ronnie Wood

    Take your time

    Paddy: I'll take the money Chris

    Chris: Are you sure, you've still got 3 lifelines

    Paddy: I'm sure Chris,I'll take the money

    Chris: OK audience give him a big round of applause, but before you go Paddy I'm sure you'd like to know the answer.

    Paddy: I know the answer Chris.

    Chris: You know the answer? You've just turned down a quarter of a million quid, are you mad? are you mental?

    Paddy: I may be mental Chris but I'm no feckin grass.
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  2. LMAO!!!
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