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Movie Talk What was the last movie you watched?

  1. Fright Night (2011) - 4/5

    Great remake, some fine performances, and a nice slam against Twilight in the first thirty minutes. :D
  2. Wreck it Ralph - very good. I don't know why I hadn't seen it before now!
  3. Side Effects

    Thriller about a depressed woman who agrees to take a new experimental medication which has unexpected results. Although this starts out slow and seems like it's just going to putter along, the intrigue deepens as events unfold.
  4. Redemption. A Jason Statham film. Quite good considering it wasn't something I'd usually choose to watch by myself.
  5. Identity Thief. Worst film I have seen in a long time. Not funny at all.
  6. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Eventually got round to seeing it today, quite enjoyed it but the never ending cliches and cheesiness began to piss me off as the film grew on. Also Anton Yelchin's Russian accent is annoying as hell. Thought Kirk, Spock and Khan were really good in it though and the plot involving Khan was quite decent. The intro with the volcano was a load of rubbish though!

    Decent enough film if you aren't a trekkie fan
  7. Watched a film called Arthur Newman at the weekend. Starred Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. It was pretty dull and uneventful! 4/10
  8. Now You See Me - I don't know what to think of this to be honest. I was really looking forward to it. Bit of a let down. 5/10
  9. Oh, I want to see that! :(
  10. Watch it tonight, thought it was an enjoyable enough movie - but it is hard to engage with the supposed shocks when you know what you are being shown is very likely to be a trick that will later be explained to you.
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