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TV Talk What Are You Currently Watching On TV?

  1. I'm really happy (well, not really because I'm ill just now but I'm happy with what TV programmes I can watch) - Homeland, GRIMM, Person of Interest, Dexter and Boardwalk Empire have all just started new seasons and The Walking Dead will start again this month too.

    Some great TV shows to keep us entertained - nothing outstanding from Britain though
  2. We are currently working our way through The Shield. Just about to start Season 5. Not long finished re-watching The Wire which was great for the first few seasons then lost its way a little.
  3. I was about to start a new thread for this topic then I noticed the sticky :rolleyes::oops:

    I'm currently watching The Walking Dead and Helix (started well but kinda silly now) and I caught the first episode of Fleming which I'd recorded. It's a four part drama about the man who created James Bond.

    Eagerly awaiting season 4 of Game of Thrones starting at the beginning of April :happy:
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  4. I was disappointed and confused by Helix too but I'll continue watching it.

    Been catching up with Game of Thrones & Continuum and re-watching The Sopranos on Sky Atlantic. I also watched The Walking Dead on Monday :)
  5. Watching The Bridge, US version, starring Diane Kruger and Damian Bichir. Just finished the first season - annoyed that they only made two seasons as I've enjoyed it so far!

    I'm also watching the first season of Arrow (Amazon Prime) - don't know why I didn't watch it when it was first on TV :rolleyes:
  6. Agent Carter, Broadchurch and I've just started watching 12 Monkeys
  7. Just finished season 2 of Ripper Street! It's brilliant! Can't wait to watch season three. I cannot believe I missed out on it first time round!
  8. just felt in love with angie tribeca. it's a little like my childhood hero sledge hammer has a daughter :D
  9. Season one finale of "This Is Us". :(
  10. Rewatching Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 series) at the moment. I'd forgotten just how good this show was, and how deep the religious, political and psychological threads of this show ran.
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