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United Kingdom - Scottish Independence

  1. They were saying that should Scotland leave the UK we would need another name for the UK, since it is Great Britain plus Northern Ireland.

    Great Britain is the island of England, Scotland and Wales, so without Scotland a new name will be needed.

    What do you think would be suitable?
  2. I don't think independence will happen but if it did I can see the UK reverting to something like The Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland - or maybe they will all just use their own names and be England, Wales and Northern Ireland instead of worrying about the 'United' part. I suppose they could, in theory, still use United Kingdom as the 3 remaining countries are still united.
  3. I cannot see anything wrong with with the United Kingdom? England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are still united kingdoms.
  4. I'd leave it as United Kingdom or even just Britain - I've never seen a reason as to why it is called "Great" Britain
  5. I watched some of the latest debate between Alex Salmond and Alastair Darling last night. It seems like Alex Salmond is an expert at avoiding the question and shouting the loudest and seems to think that's all a debate is. I might have my English specs on but those in favour of independence really haven't thought it through and seem to have a massive chip on their shoulder.
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  6. You hit the nail on the head about Salmond. If winning the debate is about ignoring the question posed and shouting back louder then he won hands down. Hopefully us Scots realise he plays to the gallery and has little substance come voting time.
  7. So far I've no seen a lot of facts in support of independence because Alex Salmond and the SNP clearly doesn't have any - all they keep going on about is the oil. I'll be glad when it is all over!
  8. Listened to part of the debate today, the problem for some people deciding is the question is "Should Scotland become and independent country?" and parts of the Yes Campaign are pretty much along the lines of "we can sort out the details after the vote".

    But a poll after the second TV debate has pulled the yes vote closer to the no vote. So far it looks like a very close call. :eek:
  9. Just heard on Sky News that the 'YES' campaign are now slightly ahead in the latest polls. o_O
  10. I don't think it will be as close as everyone is saying. Come the final results I still expect us to be part of the UK but hopefully the government will get more powers
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