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Announcement TV Shows Database

  1. Bought another new mod this week, similar to our Movie Database mod but this one is for TV Shows.

    It works in the same way, go to The Movie Database (TMDb) but this time select or search for a TV Show. Copy the url or Show ID from The MovieDB and post it in the title when creating a new thread.


    Post any comment that you want to include and click Create Thread. The information will appear automatically.


    You can also post individual episodes by copying the url (from TheMovieDB) when posting a new reply


    And it will give the information for the specified episode.


    I've added a new forum called TV Shows - TV Shows go check it out for a better idea how this works :)
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  2. Can anyone post new shows?
  3. Yes :)

    If you have any difficulties just let me know. It's fairly simple, just search The Movie Database (TMDb) for the TV show (same method is used for posting movies) you want and copy/paste the URL as the title of the new post you are making here and the data will be added. You can also add you comments/opinions etc when making the post and it will automatically be added to the thread as the second post :)
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