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Trivial Things That Make You Happy

  1. Since we have a thread about trivial things that annoy you I thought we should flip it and have one about trivial things that make you happy.

    I love midweek days off, so relaxing when the world is going about their business and I'm just chilling.
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  2. Having every second day off from work :)
  3. Biting the chocolate off a Malteser without biting the malty bit :D

    Peeling an orange in one piece :whistle:
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  4. Watching an old Royle Family Xmas special and doubled over laughing.
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  5. A smile and a friendly hello.
  6. Getting enough sleep, and waking up without being woken up.
  7. Cheese pretzels from Marks and Spencer. I'm addicted to them.
  8. Sounds a bit mean, but I don't mean it that way.

    I love when I come home to an empty house - no missus, no kids - just me, the kettle and the ipod - actually get to sit down and listen to a song or two without interruption, occasionally even a whole album.

    I also then love when I hear the missus and the kids finally coming in! Funny old world innit :D
  9. My dogs last night. They were laying snuggled up together in big dogs bed. Big dog put his huge front paw across puppy dogs neck. Puppy lay sleeping while looking like he was being choked. As puppy slept, in a headlock, big dog licked his face for ages, occasionally stopping only to start again.

    For animals that can't talk, it's beyond obvious how much love they have in their little hearts. For me and for each other. They are truely best friends.
  10. Not seen the girls since the summer. Meeting up for a night out always makes me happy.
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