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TV Talk Top 3 TV Shows

  1. What are your top three TV shows - either past or present.​
    24 is my all-time favourite TV show. Originally, I didn't start watching it until Day 4 but I got hooked very quickly and went back and watched Day 1, 2 and 3 then followed the series through to its climax on Day 8. I've re-watched the whole series as well.​
    Game of Thrones is probably the best TV production I've seen. Each episode is amazing and has so much happening you really need to watch it twice to see everything that is going on.​
    Criminal Minds is another of my all-time favourites. I love crime series and like how this TV show in particular highlights in depth how profiling really works.​
    Top 3​
    1. 24​
    2. Game of Thrones​
    3. Criminal Minds​
    Other shows I love include Homeland, GRIMM, Person of Interest, Law and Order SVU and I also loved The Unusuals and Life​
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