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TV Talk The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

  1. Cannot wait for this to start again!!!

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  2. Yes, I can't wait either. Must admit though I was disappointed the way the last season ended! For some reason I was expecting more from the Governor finale
  3. I'm interested to see exactly where they go from here. The finale was disappointing, they left themselves in a situation where they will have to pretty much detach themselves from the books completely (not that they were ever that relevent). I mean they left the survivors with little reason to leave the prison and the villain with no more resources to give them one.
  4. The zombies seem to be more of a threat, judging by that trailer. :D
  5. I'm actually delighted they seem to have put more focus on zombies like season 1 and 2, looks a lot more promising than I expected! No sign of The Governor though!
  6. From what I've read elsewhere, the Governor will definitely feature in episodes 6/7 as will Woodbury. Morgan will also be in Season 4
  7. Not long now until it starts :)

    Based on the trailers that have aired thus far, it looks like this could be the most exciting season yet.
  8. Started again in America last night, I'm not sure when it will air in the UK but I've downloaded the first episode to watch :D
  9. A couple of trailers for the mid-season restart

  10. The first episode back was a slow episode, but a good one IMO.

    Seeing Carl trying to prove that he is able to survive in the world by himself was great, and after losing his sister and shooting his mother in the head he couldn't bear to lose someone else from his family, quite touching. It's becoming less about "winning" and proving that he is able to survive and more about actually surviving and realising that he has to think about what he is doing and not let his want to prove something get in the way of his survival

    I liked the dream sequence thing of Michonne. Nice she is getting a little bit of a back story and that they are starting to write her like the bad-ass she is in the comics. Also, when she sees Carl and Rick again that look to the heavens was brillant. There was no "thank you" like we usually see, it was just enough to know that she was thanking Mike for leading her back to Carl
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