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The Walking Dead: S08E08 - How It's Gotta Be

  1. Rating: 0.00/5 - 0 Votes
    The Walking Dead
    How It's Gotta Be
    Season: 8
    Episode: 8
    Air Date: 2017-12-10

    Every story and battle comes crashing together.
  2. Now we might see a farmer Rick return or hopefully the throat ripping psycho come out of those sewers.
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  3. Not an outright terrible episode, but nowhere near good enough to be compelling either given how bad the season has been. This season is just totally bizarre - S7 was poor, but it was consistently poor. This season is all over the shop and feels like every episode was made completely independent of the other - narrative, scripting, acting, tone constantly leaping from A to Z.

    The only thing I think we can hope for is that they wrap up this Negan/Saviors crap and the next season is actually a step forward of some sort in terms of the end game. Problem is most people just don't care anymore. Every character apart from Rick and Daryll are completely expendible but the show treats even minor characters like they're a huge deal.
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  4. Michonne is going to lose her shit.

    If that resulted in Michonne beheading Negan, Simon, Eugene, Gregory, etc., then Carl's death would have some purpose. However, Carl being killed off still annoys me because there is so much dead weight on this show that should die long before Carl does
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  5. I was about ready to give up on TWD, redeemed itself a bit with that episode I reckon.
  6. I'm disgusted with season 8. Gimple gotta go.
    I think I'll watch 8.09 for Chandler's sake. Then I doubt I continue.
    his death is supposed to humanize Rick...:meh: That's right, Carl's parting words are somehow going to convince Rick to spare Negan. :rage:
    Gimple is nuts. It was such a stupid move.
  7. Who got killed by Negan's sidekick? Somebody fairly unnamed I guess. I thought Maggie had some sort of a plan for the wooden box rather than just burying someone - she still could now that she's gone all tough and mean.
  8. I had to rewind that killing scene twice to see who it was, and I'm still none the wiser. No idea at all who it was.

    The box/coffin wasn't for burying that dead guy in though, she put the savior that she killed into it and had her people leave it somewhere the rest of the saviors would find it. The message she wrote was a threat that she still has 30 or so more prisoners she can kill one by one. But TBH, I think this was daft. They are outnumbered and outgunned in hilltop, so Negan's crew could easily wipe them out.

    The whole season so far has been a mess. I saved the last 5 episodes and watched them this week in a quick run through, as I couldn't be bothered to watch them one week at a time. How many times did they have Negan standing in the open, just daring to get shot, and yet no one with the guns would shoot at him? It's beyond ridiculous, even by comic book standards this is bad.

    When the saviors were trapped in the sanctuary, and then Daryl crashed the dump truck inside, why did no one wait around to make sure they didn't escape, or alert them if they did? Everyone just went home "assuming" everything would be wrapped up nicely. Reminded me of the Simpsons when Mr Burns stole the puppies. Hilariously stupid, except this is not The Simpsons.

    Everyone in it deserves to die at this stage, die from chronic stupidity.
  9. There are a few characters left that really should die before Carl. Gabriel for example.

    Norman Reedus wasn't happy with the decision. I get a feeling there were a few on set looking at Gimple and thinking " you screwed this one up". Probably why he left his showrunner gig.
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