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The Actor/Movie Game

  1. Pretty simple game. You start with an actor's name then you have to name a film they were in and name an actor who starred alongside them. The next person has to name a different film the next actor was in and another person who also starred in that film so

    1 Johnny Depp
    2 Sleepy Hollow. Christina Ricci
    3 Black Snake Moan. Samuel L Jackson
    4 Pulp Fiction. John Travolta
    and so on. OK?

    So I'll start with something easy to kick us off.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
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  2. Conan the Barbarian. James Earl Jones.
  3. The Hunt for Red October - Sean Connery
  4. The Untouchables - Andy Garcia
  5. 8 Million Ways to Die - Rosanna Arquette
  6. Welcome To California - Ed Begley Jr.
  7. Buddy, Buddy - Walter Matthau
  8. The Odd Couple - Jack Lemmon
  9. Some Like It Hot - Marilyn Monroe
  10. Monkey Business - Cary Grant
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