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Football Summer Transfer Window 2017/18 - Rumours and News

  1. The time is upon us, nearly. Arsenal have confirmed left back Sead Kolasinac will sign from Shalke for free.

    Lots of talk Liverpool will announce Andrew Robertson from Hull as soon as seasons over too.
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  2. Lots of overpriced players to move this summer and not one of the will have the actually skill value to the transfer value
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    Thats the norm for the Premier League to be fair.

    Very few players moving are actually worth whats paid for them.

    At least there is no World Cup or Euros, usually that's prime time to play 4 or 5 good games and bump up a transfer of a few players.

    Bournemouth want Chelsea squad players Ake and Begovic
  4. Rumours of Lacazette to Atletico floating around, with the latter waiting on the transfer ban to be overturned. Apparently he's been quoted in saying Griezmann has been plaguing him to join. Simeone confirming he's staying. If true it could be farewell again for Torres.

    Currently Liverpool being linked (with varying degrees of likelihood/plausible sources)

    Sessegnon, Mendy, Kieta, Salah, Gray, Bakayoko, Robertson

    2 or 3 of them would be great though I don't think most of them are Champions League quality players.

    Chelsea look set to bid on Bakayoko from Monaco.

    Not really sure what to make of him, I've only really watched him in the knockout stages of the CL and he wasn't the most memorable player, but Conte seems keen.
  5. Jermaine Defoe has agreed to join Bournemouth on a free transfer from Sunderland
  6. Man City have cleared out all (well most of) their deadwood

    Navas, Clichy, Sagna, Caballero and Zabaleta
  7. Only Yaya left of the "end of contract" players now. Personally, I'd offer him a new 1 year deal; he's done enough since he got back in the side after the new year to warrant it. Whether he'd be happy with being a (likely) squad player, though, is another question. Or his agent! :whistle:

    And of course, there's Hart, Nasri, Mangala, Bony and Kelechi that are all likely to be out the door in the summer. And possibly Delph and Fernando

  8. Good signing for Monaco at a good price after the season he's had.
  9. Brilliant move for him at this stage in his career.

    Man City making some moves in the transfer market


    Talks of £43m with no add ons. Announcement apparently later today.

    Rumours buzzing of both Mendy and Fabinho on the way to City too. Pep must be trying to get rid of the CL nightmares.
  10. Zabaleta has joined West Ham on a two-year deal after being released by Man City.
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