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Announcement Stock Trader and Credits

  1. Added two new modification, a purchased one - Stock Trader and a free one - Credits.

    Credits is pretty straight forward, you earn virtual cash/credits by being active on the site - ie making new threads, posts, logging in, on your birthday, for liking posts, uploading avatars etc and you can then use these credits in the stock trader game and any other game that is added in the future.

    I've given everyone 5000 credits to start them off, new members will also receive the same amount.

    I hope you enjoy these new features, its all just a bit of fun and something to keep you entertained whilst on our site :)
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  2. Excellent, I was wondering what you were up to last night :D
  3. I'll give this a go. No idea about stocks and shares though ha! :pompus:
  4. Haha, it took me ages to get it all installed. I changed the points system about 3 times!!!

    Me neither but that makes it more fun lol
  5. Sounds interesting. Will check it out :)
  6. Great idea. I'll lose a fortune on this ha
  7. The Stock Trader system has been updated. You may have noticed a new forum section? Okay, maybe not. Anyway, when you buy or sell your shares a thread will automatically be created or a post will be added to an existing thread saying that you've bought or sold shares in 'Company XYZ'
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  8. Interesting Gemma. I'll need to have a look at this :)
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  9. Come and join in our virtual stock trading game, trade your stocks and build up your portfolio :)
  10. I think we'll go back to using this version of the Credits system next week when I'm able to spend some time working on the site :)

    No-one will even notice any difference (well, except 2 decimal places instead of a whole number - which is better for monetary values)
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