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  1. Is it worth it? I'm a subscriber to Spotify and I absolutely adore it yet my friends and some family members think its a waste of money.

    Does anyone else have it and what do you think? Does anyone think its a rip off?
  2. Personally I think it's totally worth it. I've discovered so many new tracks and artists through it, and it's so handy to be able to listen to any track whenever you like :headphone:
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  3. I love Spotify and having easy access to so much great music. It's basically a music junkie's best friend.
  4. Sorry to bring this back up but is it really worth paying £10 a month for?
  5. I think it is but I use it daily. First time in years I've listened to new artists, other than whats repeated on the radio day in day out.

    Also like the way you can see other peoples play lists. If you're going on a road trip for example, you can search "best road trip music" and you'll get thousands of playlists people have put together to choose from :headphone:
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  6. Worth every penny in my opinion. Give the 30 day trial a go :)
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  7. Well worth it for me as I listen to it constantly most days...listened to so much new music through Spotify as I refuse to pay £10+ for an album
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  8. Thanks for the info @Limbo@Limbo
  9. I signed up back in November after @Major Tom@Major Tom and @Gemma@Gemma recommendations. It's worth every penny :headphone:
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