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PlayStation Spider-Man (Insomniac Games)

  1. Today, during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s E3 2017 media showcase, the house of PlayStation unveiled the gameplay of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man.

    The game looks absolutely fantastic, as most expected, giving us a good look at Spidey’s acrobatic moves, not to mention an appearance by classic villain Kingpin. We also get a look at Mister Negative, and a tease of the presence of Miles Morales in the cast right at the end.

    We also get the confirmation that the game will release next year, even if no specific launch date was provided.

    You can check the video below, and see what our friendly neighbourhood spider-man can do with all that power and responsibility.

    More information was also provided by the game’s Creative Director Bryan Intihar, who talked about story, combat and more, also confirming that this trailer runs on PS4 Pro.

    Spider-Man will be released exclusively for PS4.

    The screenshots give another look at the action-packed adventure of our friendly neighborhood Spidey, and they look amazing in 4K resolution. Interestingly we get to see one of the villains of the game, Martin Li A.K.A. Mister Negative, and his gang Inner Demons. Earlier today we also saw the confirmed presence of iconic villain Kingpin and Miles Morales.

    Spider-Man-2.jpg SPMPS4_Screen_PS4_Hero_E32017_1497330185.jpg SPMPS4_Screen_PS4_Li_E32017_1497330186.jpg SPMPS4_Screen_PS4_Rooftop_E32017_1497330187.jpg SPMPS4_Screen_PS4_Save_E32017_1497330189.jpg SPMPS4_Screen_PS4_WebbedMask_E32017_1497330191.jpg
  2. Looks like a whole lot of fun, the Arkham combat doesn't put me off as long as it's engaging enough. The mission they showed did have far too many QTEs for my liking however.
  3. I'd be inclined to put that down to them trying to show off a particular mission with a lot of different parts (fight, swing through the city, big dramatic saving people moment). I'd hope there are fewer QTEs in the majority of the missions.
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