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PlayStation Sony Playstation4 Firmware 1.70 Details

  1. Sony has released further details on some of the features which will arrive in the latest PS4 Firmware update.

    According to Sony, firmware version 1.70 will be 'significant' and will include many of the features requested by users.

    One of those features will be automatic pre-downloading of pre-ordered games. This will allow you to download a game in time for it's release, a feature you can begin manually or automatically. Apparently there will also be a countdown that starts when the official time of release is announced.

    Another, perhaps more interesting addition, is the arrival of ShareFactory, a new and “rich video editor app”, which allows you to take any of your recorded gameplay footage and combine it with other footage, special effects such as filters, transitions and themes; add text, stickers or your own music and even add in picture-in-picture video commentary.

    In addition, you’ll also be able to edit your video's length, nominate who you want share the footage with and more.

    ShareFactory videos can be uploaded directly to Facebook, or you can export them to USB and upload them to any sharing site you like, including YouTube.

    In addition to the above, the latest update will also remove the HDCP, meaning that you can use external capture devices such as Elgato HD to stream and record longer length gameplay footage.

    Update v1.70 has not been dated Sony says that it is currently in the final stretch of testing.
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