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  1. How much sleep do you get on average? Do you think its enough or do you need more?
  2. I get at least 8 hours sleep. I have read up on this and they say that it is enough sleep for anybody
  3. Most of the time it can range from 3 hours to 5 hours of sleep.
  4. It varies for me to be honest, one night I will get around 8 hours and then the next I will only get around 4 hours. It really depends on myself and how I feel after I have woke up as to whether it has been enough or not.
  5. I guess I sleep for around 5-6 hours daily on average. I wish I could sleep a bit more though.
  6. I sleep around 7-8 hours a night
  7. Not a lot! Usually the same as AllyAlly but I'd ideally like around 6 hours
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