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Announcement Site Upgrade In Progress To Xenforo 1.3

  1. We've been working on upgrading the website to the newest build of the forum software that we use - it is currently a release candidate which means there may still be a few bugs but it seems stable enough to use in a live environment.

    Let us know if you have any problems or spot any errors
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  2. I like the changes so far. I've not seen any problems :)
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  3. Love your profile cover :D
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  4. Haha, cool feature :)
  5. Love the changes so far. The site is looking great
  6. #6  Gemma,  Mar 12, 2014
     Last edited: Jul 11, 2014
    The site has now been upgrade with the stable build of the software but, as always, if you see any problems let us know!
  7. I've removed the profile cover feature. I didn't really like it that much in the end. There's a different version available so I might try that one out at a later date :p
  8. Okay, I've revisited the profile cover option. And I've added it back - you can now add a header image to give your profile some individuality :)
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  9. Nice idea. I like that :)
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