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Premier League - Relegation

Limbo, Mar 15, 2014

Which team(s) will be relegated from the Premier League 2013/14
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This Event was settled May 7, 2014
  1. Limbo submitted a new Sportsbook Event:

    Premier League - Relegation

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  2. I'm quite pleased to see Norwich go down. They should never have sack Chris Hughton, just like Cardiff shouldn't have sacked Mackay. Fulham have just been a mess all year so I'm not surprised by their relegation.
  3. Norwich were never going to survive after sacking Hughton but they would probably have struggled even if he had stayed in charge, their closing run of fixtures was horrendous. Saying that they gave Liverpool a scare and effectively ended Chelsea's chances of winning the league. They have too many "average" players.

    I'm surprised at Fulham though. I thought they had bought some decent players pre-season and would be a mid-table team this year!
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