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Horror Penny Dreadful

  1. Rating: 2.00/5 - 1 Vote
    Penny Dreadful

    Genre: Drama, Horror

    First Aired: 2014-05-11


    Cast: Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Rory Kinnear, Helen McCrory, Billie Piper, Harry Treadaway, Reeve Carney

    Overview: Penny Dreadful is an upcoming psychosexual horror TV series created for Showtime by John Logan and executive produced by Logan and Sam Mendes. The series will weave together the origins of literary horror characters, such as Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster, Dorian Gray, and Count Dracula, as they grapple with their monstrous alienation in Victorian London.

    This looks like the kind of show you'll like GemmaGemma - have you been watching it?
  2. Not yet, I've been recording it and will probably watch it once the season has finished. I've heard both good and bad things about it but I'll watch it anyway haha!
  3. Not much cop if episode 1 and 2 are anything to go on (I've not seen any more). Seems a bit like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  4. Normally not overly interested in horror stuff so might not stick with it but I'm easily pleased and I think the intertwining of various characters and mythical legends gives it a good premise so I might enjoy it :)
  5. Umm, was there only 8 episodes in the season?
  6. Yes it was only 8 episodes. I watched them all and I'm still not sure if I like it or not, some episodes have been great, others (episode 2 especially) were garbage. I was excited to watch this after seeing the trailers before it the end it has been a major letdown.
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  7. I've heard so many people saying it looks great but the story and script is absolutely rubbish. Since it is only eight episodes I'll keep it until I've watched other shows that I want to see :)
  8. Season 2 teaser

    And some news on the potential of a thrid series

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