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American Sports NFL MVP 2017/18

  1. I think its coming to that time of year where we start to discuss who we believe should at least be in the discussion for MVP. I know some have mentioned in the main NFL thread but lets keep it separate!
  2. Like it or not the obvious answer is Brady. He will eventually succumb to father time but its hard to see the end in sight.

    Wentz has been very good for the Eagles and would likely be the winner now. Wilson would be well worth a shout as well. LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown play on the same team which ruins their chances.

    A defensive player won't win it but DeMarcus Lawrence for the Cowboys has been outstanding.
  3. Wilson has been phenomenal. He is dragging the Seahawks through games they have no right to win.
  4. I agree 100% but if the season ended today then I see nobody other than Carson Wentz winning it
  5. Wentz probably leads at the moment but Antonio Brown, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson would be close.
  6. Think you could make a case for Wilson, Brady or Wentz.

    On a pure ‘who improves their team the most’ then it should go to Wilson. He doesn’t just dig the Seahawks out for the odd comeback or drive to win a game but pulls out plays to dig them out of trouble throughout nearly every game.

    Brady is playing at an incredibly high level, but I think it should be considered that despite winning the Super Bowl last year the Patriots went out and brought in improvements in multiple areas, including Brady’s weapons, in the off-season and were seen as quite likely to go undefeated. Its probably not 'fair' but Brady doesn't score highly on difficulty.

    Wentz is probably coming from the other side of that discussion, where he is performing to a very high level but in a team that wasn’t fancied at all coming into the season.
  7. It's between Wilson and Brady for me. Wouldn't begrudge either, but Brady probably deserves it. Only thing that knocks Brady is that its nothing new, which is mental in itself! Cannot deny that Wentz has been good though.
  8. Antonio Brown, what a performance. Again. 213 yards, only surprise is no TDs this week. Without a doubt he is definitely up for consideration as MVP for this season, the guy is just ridiculous.
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  9. Brown definitely has a shot.

    1509 yards so far with 3 games left (Patriots, Texans, Browns) to get 456 yards to past Johnson's single season record.
  10. Injuries to Brown and Wentz have most likely ruled them out of contention although both should definitely still be up for consideration. Russell Wilson has carried the Seahawks this season but the magic hasn't been there over the past few games. As the season draws to a close it looks like it is going to be Tom Brady collecting the MVP award - is anyone else in with a shout?
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