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Xbox 360 My FIFA 13 Career Thread

  1. I started a career mode in FIFA 13, my team of choice being Barcelona but they decided to load me out in the first season and I'm at Derry City.

    I'll keep updating this thread with my progress :)
  2. Well first season at Derry City went pretty well.

    Scored 19 goals in all competitions, got an average rating of 7.6 and converted 23% of my shot - all above the season targets - but only created 2 assists which was below my expected target.

    I also got injured towards the end of the season, in the EA Sports Cup Quarter-final and missed the final five games of the season (it was a lengthy 4 month injury too)

    I made my first international appearance for Scotland and my team finished 3rd place in the league and runners-up in the EA Sports Cup. I won the Golden Boot for my 19 league goals.
  3. For my second season I'm going out on loan again this time to Hercules FC.

    They have set the following objectives for me:
    Average Match Rating: 7.2
    Assists: 5
    Goals: 16
    Goals/Shot Conversion Percentage: 20%
  4. Finally got around to playing this again, completed my Hercules FC season last night and help them finish in 6th place in the league. I struggled a little bit tomwards the end, not scoring in any of the last 8 league games but I managed a few for my country in that period!

    Final stats for the season
    Average rating: 7.3
    Assists: 10
    Goals: 13
    Goals/Shot Conversion Percentage: 18%
    Man of the Match: 5
    Team of the Week: 2
    Player of the Month: 1
  5. For the new season I'm going to Leeds United on loan! They have set me the following objectives:

    Average Rating: 6.3
    Assists: 5
    Goals: 12
    Goals/Shots Conversion Percentage: 12%
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