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Drama Mr. Mercedes

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    Mr. Mercedes

    Genre: Drama

    First Aired: 2017-08-09


    Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Harry Treadaway, Kelly Lynch, Jharrel Jerome, Mary-Louise Parker, Holland Taylor, Breeda Wool, Justine Lupe, Robert Stanton, Scott Lawrence, Ann Cusack

    Overview: A demented serial killer taunts a retired police detective with a series of lurid letters and emails, forcing the ex-cop to undertake a private, and potentially felonious, crusade to bring the killer to justice before he can strike again. Based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King.
  2. Not only is Mr Mercedes a great King adaptation, but its a great tv show in its own right, It's very well made. I'm only two episodes in so far, but I am really enjoying it so far.
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  3. I've read the books and enjoyed them.

    Thought it was an excellent first episode and Gleeson was great in it. Haven't seen any other episodes yet though.
  4. Started watching this the other night.

    I've read pretty much everything Stephen King has written...and seen most of the adaptations too which have been mixed to say the least.

    However, Mr.Mercedes looks to have been brilliantly adapted for TV which is a huge relief. Gleeson is perfectly cast and the supporting actors/actresses are excellent also.

    Looking forward to watching the rest of the series....even though I know the story inside out.

    As others have alluded to, the second book would lend itself very well to a mini-series as well....not so sure about the third one though. A great book but could go arseways on TV
  5. It has been renewed for a second season :)
  6. Not familiar with the book but Miss EilyMiss Eily and I just binged watch this. We loved it. Great show. With the brilliant script and fantastic acting it feels so fresh. Just loved it. Glad it got renewed.
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