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  1. Bought a new mod today. It is quite similar to one I had on an old site for those who have followed me around.

    You may have noticed I've added a new forum called 'General Chatter At The Movies'; basically this forum will be used for posting "movie threads"...these are threads which give information about films. It uses information from and automatically enters the details info the thread for you.


    Here's how to use it

    1. Go the the General Chatter At The Movies forum and click to start a new thread.

    2. This will open a page that is very similar to a normal thread, but with a few differences in the way it works. You can select a prefix for the movie genre and then you need to navigate (via a separate tab) to TMDb

    3. Type the film you want to add in the search box and hit enter

    4. A list of film/people choices will show up, select the relevant one and the page for that film will open. On that page, look at the ID code for the movie in the URL box and make note of it (just the number) or you can enter the full url into the Thread Title.


    5. Make a comment about the film

    6. Then post your thread. If you've done it correctly, you will see that the information for the movie has been added automatically, as well as your additional comments below it.

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  2. I like this! :D
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  3. I've just upgraded it, mainly benefits for myself as admin but if you see anything that doesn't look right let me know and I'll look into it :)
  4. Updated again. Let me know if there are any errors :)
  5. I've updated this, if you spot any errors let me know :)
  6. Another update to this today to fix a software conflict
  7. Working without errors for me :borg:
  8. Another small update today but I think it was mainly back-end stuff so it shouldn't effect anyone other than me :D
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