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Announcement Medals And Trophies

  1. A little bit of fun. You can now earn medals and trophies for various activities on the forum

    A list can be found here - - clicking on Medals or Trophies in the sidebar menu.

    The info will appear in the user info section of messages and in your profile, there are no images for the trophies, just points. Small medals will appear at the bottom of your user info in posts and in your profile....hovering over them will tell you what the award was for and when it was received.

    Most are self explanatory :)
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  2. Nice touch Gemma :)
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  3. Great idea!

    Is there a page that shows everyone's medals?
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  4. Ooops, I forgot to enable the list of awarded members. Should be viewable now on the Medals Page -
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