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Featured Xbox One Major Xbox One Update Overhauls The Dashboard Design

  1. [​IMG]

    Microsoft is testing its first major Xbox dashboard overhaul with the company's new Fluent Design. Xbox One Insiders on the alpha ring will get access to a new Xbox One dashboard today, and it looks like a solid improvement from the existing one. Once again, Microsoft is focusing on speed of navigation and removing the splash screens that occur when you switch from sections like home, social, and my games / apps.

    As seen in the video and image gallery below, this presents a similar aesthetic but radically different layout for the system overall. The initial Home screen features a new bar that lets you jump back into whatever you were previously doing, presents two suggestions (such as recommending a new friend who might play similar games as you), and highlights a deal that should be relevant to you. Immediately below that is an area that houses a link to My Games and Apps, as well as games and apps you've previously played, along with links to other things. In the video, one lets you see the new Games With Gold titles, while the other is used for advertisements.

    New Xbox One Guide

    Perhaps the biggest update is a new Home interface on the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft is making this fully customizable with its Fluent Design elements. You can pin things like favorite friends to the home section, alongside games and apps. Pinned games will even show activity feeds, so you can see when a friend is playing a particular title.

    Microsoft is also tweaking the community section of the Xbox One dashboard. A new activity feed layout includes a fullscreen view, with the ability to read comments fullscreen. Clubs, game hubs, and profiles have also been refreshed with this new UI, making them a little easier to navigate and follow.


    The Communities hub for the Xbox One is given a touch-up as well. The Activity Feed along with Game Hubs, profiles, and Clubs have all been re-organized to present the user with more information at a glance. Microsoft is also trying to make things more readable, such as allowing users the option to expand the comment window to full screen.


    While the Xbox One dashboard is the main focus of today's improvements, Microsoft is also tweaking the game bar on its Windows 10 Xbox app. You'll be able to enable or disable Game Mode on a per-game basis soon, along with new options for what audio you're broadcasting through Mixer from the game bar.

    Today's updates are just part of a number of changes for the Xbox in 2017. Microsoft says it plans to unveil more features in the coming months for Xbox One, Windows 10, Mixer, and mobile devices.
  2. Okay, having played around with it for a while now, and I'm not a fan of the home screen. It's not bad, per se, but it's just not good either.

    The guide on the other hand, is very well done. It's a proper refinement of what was there before, and I love how it handles spotify, with a little flyout bar.

    Apparently you can now group copy games from one hard drive to another. Would have been handy a few weeks ago when I upgraded my external drive. Ah well, at least it's there now.
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