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Major Tom

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Major Tom, Apr 6, 2014

Who will win this match which may well decide who wins this year's Premier League title?
This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Apr 13, 2014
  1. Well played Liverpool and a great game to watch.

    The game could have been over within the first half hour and half time came at the right time for City, they were all over the place. Great credit to Liverpool and the football they played was terrific.

    Second half, City came back well. They definitely had the momentum and if Aguero had played in David Silva, it could have been City taking the 3 points.

    Suarez could have been sent off for a blatant dive when on a yellow but the referee bottled it and everyone seemed to miss Skrtel's handball except an eagle-eyed cameraman.

    Massive result for Liverpool.
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