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Lee Child's Jack Reacher

  1. Anyone ever read any of the Jack Reacher series? Ok I haven't read many books in my time but I've read two of his, One Shot & Gone Tomorrow. Anyone else read any of them? I'm very impressed I find them totally addictive.
  2. Read one - it was OK, like a fairly decent action movie in novel form. Nothing groundbreaking but entertaining.
  3. I've read a few - they're easy reading and very "pick-up-and-put-down" type of books.
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  4. They are easy to read and keep you gripped, so easy for commuting etc.

    I think there's about 17 books in the series?
  5. Anyone with a Kindle, there's lots of Lee Child books selling at £2 just now on Amazon ;)
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  6. Thank you @Dee@Dee

    I picked up the first 3 books plus One Shot on Google Play which is doing them at the same price :)
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