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TV Talk LA Confidential Getting A TV Series Sequel

  1. Back in 1997, James Ellroy's novel L.A. Confidential was adapted into a classic crime thriller directed by Chris Hanson, and it starred Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kim Basinger. The film received 9 Oscar nominations, winning awards for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting actress (Basinger).

    We're now going to get to get a sequel to this noir story. It's coming to us in the form of a TV series. A lot of the TV shows being made these days are better than the movies that are getting made. Plus they get to tell a bigger story.

    Ellroy has teamed up with New Regency to make the series happen. Ellroy wrote the project on spec. They're currently shopping the series around and pitching it to broadcast and cable networks as well as emerging distribution platforms like Netflix. According to Deadline, multiple outlets are interested.

  2. Walton Goggins to play Kevin Spacey's role in LA Confidential pilot.

    Emmy nominee Walton Goggins (Justified) has signed on to headline the buzzy pilot, according to our sister site Variety. Goggins will play the role of Detective Jack Vincennes, the flashy and morally questionable LAPD cop played by Kevin Spacey in the Oscar-winning 1997 film.

    Like the film, CBS’ L.A. Confidential — which scored an official pilot order earlier this month — is based on the novel by acclaimed crime author James Ellroy, and follows a trio of homicide detectives, a reporter and an aspiring actress as their lives intersect in 1950s Los Angeles. Jordan Harper (Gotham, The Mentalist) will pen the pilot and serve as an executive producer on the project, should it go to series.

    Goggins is best known to TV fans as charming criminal Boyd Crowder on FX’s Justified, a role that earned him an Emmy nomination in 2011. He also memorably played detective Shane Vendrell on The Shield and transgender prostitute Venus Van Dam on Sons of Anarchy. Recently, Goggins co-starred on History’s Navy SEAL drama SIX and with Danny McBride on HBO’s Vice Principals.
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