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Movie Talk Kick Ass 2

  1. It was all over the place, they didn't know what to do, an absolute mess of a movie and failed opportunity. Purely just cashing in from the first movie and it shows, rehashing same jokes and doing absolutely nothing with Jim Carrey's character.

    Disappointing, really nothing spectacular, and I wouldn't be in a rush to watch it again. I'd wait for the DVD and a lazy Sunday afternoon to be honest.
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  2. I HATE Jim Carrey! I don't find him funny at all and his stupid faces really annoy me. I can't recall ever seeing any films of his that I can say I really like.

    I enjoyed the first Kick Ass film and will probably view this at some point :)
  3. Watched this a few nights ago. Not as good as the first one, it had a few laughs and some good action though.

    Hit Girl really needs to have her own movie ;)
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