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I Hate Dark Mornings

  1. Woke up at 7am this morning.

    Looks like the dark mornings are back for some time now.

    So much harder getting out of bed on a morning now :(
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  2. I woke up before my alarm and thought I had a couple of hours of sleep left. Checked my phone for the time and it was 6.48am. Only had an extra 12 minutes!

    Really dark. Doesn't help either that we've had days on end of gloomy, rainy weather.
  3. The clocks will change in a few weeks and it'll be dark all the time.
  4. I'm not a fan of dark mornings. I'm up at 5am most days with the dogs and when I lived rurally it was quite nerving getting being out at that time in wooded areas.
  5. I love the dark mornings and love the dark nights. This is my favourite time of year. Can’t beat cold, crisp mornings walking the dog, leaves changing colours on the trees and quite often a tremendous sky.
  6. I don't tend to mind the dark mornings. Saying that, this morning was very, very dark. You can tell there is unrest in the weather on the way.
  7. oh m00d
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