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General Homefront: The Revolution

  1. Homefront: The Revolution has been announced by Deep Silver. The game is under development at Crytek.

    Apparently it's a game about guerrilla warfare which is set in Occupied Philadelphia in a nightmare near-future dystopia, Homefront: The Revolution casts the player as a civilian-turned-freedom-fighter who must rise up and lead the Resistance against a superior military force and ignite the Second American Revolution.

    The game has been described as having a open world structure, you will have to master the art of guerrilla warfare and use sabotage, assassination, deception, infiltration and hit-and-run tactics to erode your enemy’s iron grip on the city.

    Homefront: The Revolution will also feature four-player co-op, allowing you and your friends to form a Resistance Cell and work together to overthrow the KPA regime. You can check out the first trailer below and will see some gameplay come E3 via the form of yet another new trailer.

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