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General Grand Theft Auto V

  1. Played a few hours now, love it! Did the first few missions and did a complete tour round the edge of the map, robbed a store on the way round as well. I was just on my way to Michael's house to do a mission and I noticed this huge police chase, couldn't resist but follow! It took me right across the city and ended with three squad cars crashing into this car and pinning it down. The car was full of lads and a massive shootout broke out!

    Quality how easily I was distracted :playful:
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  2. Loving it so far!!! Played tennis, thrashed so woman called Rae 6-0 6-0 6-0 and beat Amanda 6-0 too. Just pulled down some local mafia guys hillside mansion by ripping away the stilts for the decking using a tow truck and rope. Quality hahaha :joyful:
  3. I've just been introduced to Trevor in the game. First impressions are he is much more on edge and violent than the other two main characters
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