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General Grand Theft Auto V Business Update Now Live

  1. Rockstar's GTA V 'The Business Update' is now live, adding additional content to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

    This update adds three new cars - the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R as well as a new vehicle horn and wheel-smoke option which is available at LS Customs.


    In addition, by hitting up Elitas you can order the new Vestra luxury jet. There are also two new high-powered weapons available at Ammu-Nation, the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine automatic rifle - plus a new ensemble of business shirts, suits, vests, skirts, hats and other high end attire.

    Want more? Well, Rockstar have also added 14 new Jobs to GTA Online. There are als ofour new Land Races designed specifically for the Sports and Super class cars; a pair of new Vehicle Deathmatches featuring the Buzzard and the Rhino Tank, plus a new Last Team Standing in Little Seoul, a 2 team Capture at Los Santos City Hall and a new Survival around the Maze Bank Tower.

    This week's update to GTA Online also includes a host of additional updates and fixes, including the ability to disable Slipstreaming in Races, the addition of Barber Shop and Tattoo Parlour locations to the Quick GPS and a number of other exploit and stability fixes.

    To acquire today's free update, fire up your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and load up GTAV, and you'll be prompted to download the automatic update.
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