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Football Gordon Strachan Leaves Scotland Role

  1. Disappointed to see him go. They have been playing pretty well lately, should have beaten England and are unbeaten in 7 games this calendar year.

    "Two failed campaigns."

    Does Scotland have a comparable number of registered football players to major nations? No. Clubs regularly playing in the European competitions? No. Players starting for clubs playing in the European competitions? No.

    Third place in the group is quite a realistic achievement then.

    I'd assume David Moyes is the obvious candidate?
  2. Don't understand this, Scotland narrowly failed to qualify for the WC in the very last round of matches. He's popular with the players. Seems like he's done as well as if not better than could be asked.
    Hope not. I don't think Moyes is the man to change Scotland's fortunes. Paul Lambert would be a better choice.
  3. Not sure anyone else could have done much better with such an average bunch of players.
  4. Malky Mackay in place as interim manager? Didn't see that one coming. Not sure whether he'll be in the final running or not. Stuart McCall has also expressed an interest.
  5. Sam Allardyce has even been mentioned :eek:
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