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PlayStation God of War

  1. It's being suggested God of War 4 will have a Norse mythology setting, after a huge leak of assets.

    Video game industry insider Shinobi602 teased the setting and then NerdLeaks found some of the concept art from a developer who was showing off his art work at Sony Santa Monica Studio via his website. The website is now offline. NerdLeaks is also offline, although NeoGAF has all the images as seen below.

    God of War 4 is expected to launch on the PlayStation 4, although chances are that we won't be seeing it until next year, especially if rumours of it making use of the extra power of the PS4K turn out to be true.
  2. Sony revealed a new instalment of its action series for the PlayStation 4 (simply called God of War) during its E3 2016 lead-in event in Los Angeles. E3 is one of the biggest gaming shows of the year, and it usually brings big announcements like this with it — and in this case, it’s the return of a PlayStation exclusive series that has sold more than 21.5 million copies as of 2012 since it first appeared on the PlayStation 2 in 2005.

    The first God of War stood out for its combo-based action set in a hyper-violent world based on Greek mythology. The last game in the series, the prequel God of War: Ascension for the PlayStation 3, came out in 2013 — and it didn’t sell as well as the previous games (Sony never reported the numbers).

    This new God of War has a Norse setting. That makes sense considering its wealth of mythology. Besides, Kratos already killed all of the Greek gods. The demo showed a bearded Kratos (assuming it is Kratos, anyway) training his son, who both at one point battled a troll. While the original Kratos fought with dual daggers, this warrior uses an axe.

    The two hunt a deer throughout the demo, which ends in a tender moment as Kratos helps the boy put their prey out of its misery. It was a much more thoughtful and sombre tone than the loud, Greek games in the series.

    The demo ends with a dragon flying over them - three gigantic beasts played roles in Norse myth.
  3. Speaking to LevelUp, director Cory Barlog confirmed that the new game would drop the multiplayer mode added in 2013's God of War: Ascension.

    We called Ascension's multiplayer "a genuinely fresh addition to the series", but said it lacked the depth to be anything more than a distraction.

    Barlog also speaks about the future for the series, saying that this won't be Kratos' last game, and that we'll be controlling the newly-bearded hero throughout the game.

    Barlog also confirmed that Kratos' son would not be a hindrance in combat, meaning the player won't have to break off fights to look after him.

    Finally, while Kratos is fully aware of his past, his son knows nothing about his Hellenic exploits - I'm guessing that'll change pretty soon after starting the game.
  4. Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled more gameplay of God of War.

    The game, in development at Sony Santa Monica under the direction of Cory Barlog, looks even better than it did last year. Instead of a single gameplay stretch, this time we get to see a mix of different areas and story moment, and it’s really, really epic.

    On top of the trailer, we also get a release window. The game will finally hit the shelves in early 2018. Unfortunately, no actual release date was announced.

    A batch of beautiful screenshots has also been released. The screenshots, showcase the beautiful visuals of the game in shining 4K resolution, including Kratos, his son Atreus, other characters, monsters and fantastic environments rich with details and Nordic atmosphere.

    GOWPS4_Screen_Combat_SIEE_E32017_1497328547.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_CombatWitch_SIEE_E32017_1497328548.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_HuldraBrokIntro01_E32017_1497328549.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_HuldraSindri01_E32017_1497328551.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_KratosAtreus_E32017_1497328552.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_Peak_SIEE_E32017_1497328553.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_SerpentReveal02_E32017_1497328554.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_StoneMason01_E32017_1497328558.jpg GOWPS4_Screen_WitchTendSon01_E32017_1497328560.jpg
  5. Here’s a short bit of news regarding God of War, fresh out of PlayStation Experience 2017.

    During the PlayStation Experience 2017 stage presentation yesterday evening, God of War developers took the stage to discuss the upcoming action title.

    According to director Cory Barlog, Kratos fans will spend between 25-35 hours in the game. He also discussed the Paris Games Week trailer (see below), noting voice files for Atreus hadn’t been added into the game by the time the game demo was shown.

    The dialogue was added in for the trailer, and the team found Atreus tended to speak too much so they dialed back on his chattering.

    Barlog said the short demo was just a small look at moment to moment combat, and the area Kratos and Atreus were in isn’t part of the main gameplay path. It’s just one of the areas found while exploring the world.

    God of War is currently in play testing, and while a release date wasn’t provided during PSX 2017, it’s coming next year at some point.

    Earlier this week the PS Store listed God of War for March 28, but the date has been replaced with a December 31, 2018 placeholder. Hopefully, the March date was someone pushing the button a bit early.