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Game of Thrones Season 4

  1. Looking forward to seeing how things pan out in Season 4 after the 'main' event in Season 3.

    I also think there will be a lot of dragons in this season!! :D
  2. There's a new trailer available. Watch "Secrets", the third trailer for the new season of "Game of Thrones" below

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  3. Looks good. I think I'll need to have a recap of what happened in series 3. I love this show but a year between series is too long
  4. Keep an eye out for Game of Thrones - The Politics of Power A Look Back At Season 3. It is available on YouTube and I'd imagine it will be shown on Sky before the new season starts :)
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  5. Can't wait for this to start again.
  6. The sheer scale of Game of Thrones makes it one of the best series on TV.

    The latest trailer looks great :D
  7. Thanks, I'll look out for that :D
  8. Watching this tonight. Cannot wait!! :D
  9. Just watched the last four episodes of this season back-to-back.

    Amazing stuff. I love how it has translated to the screen from the books.

    Episode 9 was fantastic, as was 10, no skimming of the production budget there.

    Epic stuff. Shame we've got to wait until next April for the next season to start
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