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Game of Thrones: S07E04 - The Spoils of War

  1. Rating: 5.00/5 - 7 Votes
    Game of Thrones
    The Spoils of War
    Season: 7
    Episode: 4
    Air Date: 2017-08-06

    GUEST STARS: Tom Hopper, Mark Gatiss, James Faulkner, Daniel Portman
    Daenerys fights back. Jaime faces an unexpected situation. Arya comes home.
  2. Epic does not come close to describing this episode!! I was sitting open mouthed the whole episode!!

    I guess Jamie is going to Dragonstone as a prisoner, should add an interesting dynamic to things...
  3. Some of the best tv I've ever seen, that last 10-15mins was epic. I love Bronn, but I felt this probably should have been his death scene. Would have been a great way to go out for such a character.

    Good to see Ayra back home but I thought in Winterfell that Sansa was a little jealous of Ayra but then again it could be a plot twist to make us all think that she has done nothing while all her siblings are something. Maybe she has something big just around the corner...:)
  4. [​IMG]

    That was epic!

    The Lannister army looked shot, those scenes where Jamie and Tyrion were looking at the army burning were telling (unless they have reserves of course).

    "Chaos is a ladder" I'm predicting is something Littlefinger was told many years ago by someone important to him, or something he said himself and he's freaked Brann knows the phrase.

    It is all building up nicely.
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  5. Tyrion saying "flee you ****ing idiot" from his vantage point really added to the intensity of that moment.

    That final battle was outstanding. Unlike Battle of the Bastards or Jon vs Whitewalkers, there was no clear good vs evil dynamic. Cersei is the true villian, but Jaime is a far too complex character to be a bad guy simply due to his associated with her. His arc throughout the series has been very interesting given he went from crippling the main character's son in the very first episode to someone most people root for despite technically being on the villain's side. Not to mention fan favourite Bronn.
    Littlefinger said it to Varys in season 3.
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  6. Great episode. Awesome battle scenes and even the CGI looked decent for a change.

    What is Arya gonna do from Winterfell? At least she showed she is no child any more and not be looked down on like she was in earlier series by her siblings
  7. That was AMAZING! The CGI was as good as it gets, and Bronn's continuous scene during the battle was cinema quality.

    Throwbacks to season 1 all over the place. Arya being stopped at the gates just like she was at King's Landing. Littlefinger's dagger coming back into play. First time we properly see Arya fighting with Needle like how she was taught with Syrio Forel. Symbols on the walls in the cave like how the White Walkers left body parts in the very first scene of the show.

    It's all coming together.
    She's going to kill Littlefinger with his own dagger. That's why Bran gave it to her, imo. He knows she's the one to do it.
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  8. One of the best episodes of the series. Great TV.

    Was anyone else getting a chuckle out of the thought of Jon and Davos furiously scribbling and scratching away with chalk and stones on the cave walls, and snickering away to each other about how "she's totally going to fall for this!!"?
    In reference to the season one throwbacks...

    Look at how Jaime's descent into the water at the end is shot.

    It's a carbon copy of how Bran "fell" in Ep1.

    Also loved seeing Bran put the shits up Littlefinger. Littlefinger still has to show his hand and I'm intrigued about how his story is going to turn out.
  9. That was brilliant, really enjoyed the flow of the episode.

    I've a feeling Bronn is dead though. He had that epic battle scene, lots of screen time. Him pushing Jaime into the water put him right in the path of the fire, so I'd say he'll be charred and floating face-down in the next episode, and Jaime will somehow shed his armour (and that heavy hand), resurface and be taken prisoner by Daenerys.
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  10. What was the story with the Bran and Little Finger conversation? Chaos is a ladder?

    Why is Little Finger always with Sansa? He is so smarmy and creepy. I cannot wait to see his downfall. My most disliked character at the moment.

    The Sansa Arya reunion wasn't as warm as I thought it would be. There seems to be a lot of distance between them. I hope to see them grow closer and help each other deal with the crap they've been through.
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