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  1. For Honor is a hack and slash video game in development by Ubisoft Montreal and set to be published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was announced at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game features a hand-to-hand combat system described as "The Art of Battle" by the developers and allows players to play the roles of historical soldiers such as medieval knights, samurai, and Vikings.

    For Honor is a non-fantasy hack and slash video game set during the medieval period. Players can play as a character from three different factions, namely The Legion, The Chosen, and The Warborn. The three factions represent knight, samurai, and Vikings, respectively. Different classes have different abilities and weapons, and customization will be available for players. For instance, the gender of the characters, and the armor worn by them, can be changed and customized.

    Players fight against each other with melee-weapons such as axes and swords. The game features competitive multiplayer modes that can support up to eight players, who will be split evenly into two different teams. When a match starts, players will be accompanied by numerous AI teammates, who assist players. Points, both temporary and permanent, can be earned in a match. When one team earns enough points, they must eliminate the players from the other team. Once all the players from a team are eliminated, the match ends. When players kill a certain number of enemies consecutively, they can level up, and gain Feats, which are additional perks. These perks allow players to gain additional points and strengths, call in a barrage of arrows or a catapult attack, or heal themselves.

    A tactical combat system, known as "Art of Battle", is introduced in the game. Players enter a dueling mode with another player wherein players aim at their opponent with their swords. Players can choose how to place and position their weapons when they are attacking their enemies. Players can choose from three directions, from above, the right, and the left, to attack. By observing the movements of the character, which reflect their respective attack position, players can strike the weakest part of their enemies. Choosing the correct position can block the other players' attack. The strength of each attack can also be decided by players. The system aims at allowing players to "feel the weight of the weapon in [their] hand" Friendly fire is also featured in the game. Players can cause damage to their own teammates if they accidentally or intentionally hit them with their blades.

    So far, For Honor has offered some compelling melee combat between Knights and Samurai warriors. But they may have their work cut out for them when the Vikings arrive in their warships to utterly devastate the enemy.

    For Honor’s latest gameplay trailer highlights the Viking clans.

    For Honor heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 14 February. Sign up for its upcoming alpha here.
  2. Ubisoft have just confirmed the next closed beta dates for For Honor. The date is set for January 26th-29th and it will feature the new “War of the Factions” limited time event. –

    “Ubisoft is launching War of the Factions, a limited-time event which will help answer the question: When the mighty Vikings, deadly Samurai and bold Knights finally collide on the battlefield, who will reign supreme? War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activities across all platforms from all players during the Closed Beta, and will reward players for fighting for their factions and honor the winning faction with additional rewards. The rewards will transfer to the full game and only be available to Closed Beta participants.”

    If you haven’t signed up yet, you can head over to the For Honor site to get yourself in on the upcoming bloodbath. Sign up here

  3. Ubisoft has revealed all the remaining details about the upcoming For Honor beta, including another way to get a beta code.

    Nine of the game’s 12 heroes will be unlocked in the beta, across all three factions. For the Vikings, you’ll have access to Raider, Berserker, and Warlord. The Samurai’s options are Orochi, Kensei, and Nobushi. As for the Knights, Conqueror, Warden, and Peacekeeper will be your picks.

    Three of the game’s five multiplayer modes will be available. These are 4v4 domination, 2v2 brawl, and 1v1 duel.

    Ubisoft said that the beta will have six playable “environments”, including three new maps. In addition, the previously revealed Faction War, the persistence, cross-platform metagame that documents each faction’s wins and losses across the entire playerbase, will also be part of the beta.

    Though you can still sign up for an invite through the official portal, there’s another way you can get a code. Ubisoft launched a new interactive website called SCARS that highlights the stories of some of the game’s classes.

    Completing the website experience will net you a beta code.
  4. An open beta for Ubisoft's swordfighting game For Honor will be held immediately before launch, the company announced today. The beta will run February 9-12, with the full game coming out on February 14.

    The beta features four modes: including Elimination, Dominion, Brawl, and Duel. There are nine heroes in the beta. The full game contains 12 heroes and five modes, so beta players are getting to try a good chunk of the complete game's content. The beta is being held on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  5. The For Honor season pass details have been released. This is actually quite interesting because all DLC content is going to be free for the game, so the season pass offers access to the content early. The season pass will feature 7 days early access to six new heroes with 6 additional elite outfits, as well as the Day 1 War Pack which can be seen in the image below.

  6. Ubisoft has announced that the For Honor open beta is now available to pre-load across, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The beta client size is just below 19GB.

    Although the content of the open beta is going to be very similar to what was available in the closed beta, a new mode will be added. It's called Elimination, and it's a 4v4, best of five rounds with no respawn. The open beta will be available February 9 through February 12.

    To celebrate, Ubisoft released a new 360-degree video that places you inside a raging battle.

    It's all CG, and it features the three factions from the main game – Viking, Samurai, Knights, pitting it against each other on a very foggy battlefield. Just remember to scroll around if you're watching on PC.

    At this stage, it's unclear if the closed beta client can be used in the open beta after getting an update, or if you'll be required to download the open beta client separately.
  7. In Ubisoft’s official forum, community developer Eric Pope revealed the fixes and enhancements which will be coming to the game’s day one patch.

    Here are the highlights of those fixes and improvements.

    • All countries around the Mediterranean Sea are now part of the European region.
    • Collisions improvements and fixes
    • Improved animations
    • Audio balancing fixes and improvements
    User Interface
    • Fixed a memory leak
    • Fixed occurrences of major framerate drop
    • Improved flow in and out of the invitation menu
    • Multiple localization fixes
    Additional Fixes
    • Stability fixes
    • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements
    • Metagame bug fixes and UI improvements
    • Hero Balancing (based on player feedback)
    • Fixed minor issue with the round counter
    • General bug fixes
  8. For Honor’s player numbers have dwindled since launch, and it’s more apparent on Steam than anywhere else.


    Prior to the launch of For Honor, the game had a strong buzz going for it among players. The betas were among Ubisoft’s most popular to date, and the launch itself certainly was strong.

    After cracking Steam’s top ten most played games at launch with nearly 46,000 players, it seems many day one players have not returned.

    Githyp reports that one week after launch, Steam numbers dropped to 21,000 players. Another week after, numbers were down to 15,000 per-day.

    On Saturday, the game averaged 17,000 players on Steam, which was among its most popular weekends so far, according to the site. Githyp says this downward trend is not dissimilar to the drop The Division also faced after it launched.

    While it’s easy to blame server issues as the sole culprit here, the reality is that For Honor is much more complex game than a lot of those who bought it believed. With that in mind, it’s natural to see games drop once the launch lustre wears off, but these numbers certainly aren’t very promising.

    Of course, removed from these stats, the numbers are actually more than capable of sustaining a healthy community, especially given how many more aren’t included in Steam’s player count.

    The report predicted For Honor would go on to lose 90% of its players on Steam at the end of its second month post-launch, which did happen with The Division.
  9. Had a play of this yesterday (it is currently available as part of Xbox "Free Play" weekends).

    Decent enough graphics and campaign story. Combat becomes a little repetitive though and could quickly become boring.

    I didn't try online but I've heard numerous stories that it is completely ruined by the servers disconnecting all players roughly 2 out of 3 games played, meaning all progression is lost - ovrall it seems the multiplayer is very buggy.

    Shame because the combat system is good.
  10. Poor connectivity ruined this game from the outset. Real shame because there was a lot of potential when it was released.

    The story campaign was good but, yes, it did get repetitive. Some very challenging level bosses if I remember correctly.

    It is on sale for around £20 now which is a fair price. Could, and probably should, have been a triple A game.
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