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Featured General FIFA 18

  1. EA have just revealed the first few bits of information regarding FIFA 18.

    They released a reveal trailer (see below) and some information on Legends which are now called Icons and will be available on all three platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC).

    Alongside the official announcement, the publisher confirmed Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo as this year’s global cover star.

    FIFA 18 represents the switch to PlayStation for the game’s marketing, after years with Xbox. As a result, EA has dropped the Legends moniker in favour of Icons, its multi-platform replacement. Icons, much like Legends, brings a number of classic/retired footballers to FIFA Ultimate Team. The first Icon to be announced is Brazil’s Ronaldo.

    Outside of the standard edition, two more editions have been announced for the game so far: the Ronaldo Edition, and the Icon Edition. Pre-ordering either will let you play the game three days before its official release on September 29, as a well as get you a number of in-game items you can learn all about in the image below.


    The Journey story mode will return, but it too won’t be part of the Switch version. EA also noted that “not all features are available on all platforms” at the end of the reveal trailer you can watch below.

    The trailer shows off a bit of in engine gameplay and its looking really good. It looks like there has been a large graphical upgrade since FIFA 17 and it looks like it could rival PES in terms of graphics this year. First gameplay footage will be shown off at EA Play, EA’s E3 2017 press conference which takes place this Saturday, June 10.

    FIFA 18 will be available on EA, and Origin Access beginning September 21, followed by the Icon, and Ronaldo Editions launch on September 26. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch, though that version won’t run on the Frostbite engine like PC and current-gen consoles.
  2. Hopefully "The Journey 2" will have a little more substance to the story. The one in FIFA 17 was a step in the right direction but didn't really deliver in the end. And hopefully they will add some new features instead of just churning out a more polished version of previous incarnations.
  3. Alex Hunter will be making a triumphant return within FIFA 18. Hunter will have to decide where his future lies as he has a boat load of offers on the table. Featured YouTube personalities, sports stars and pundits alike, The Journey Returns looks like a great upgrade over the already fantastic The Journey mode which debuted in FIFA 17. Check out the trailer below

    “After a breakthrough first season in the Premier League, the whole world is talking about Alex Hunter. Now he's back for a second season, and rumour has it, he's on the move. The transfer window opens July 1st and you can experience The Journey: Hunter Returns when FIFA 18 launches September 29, 2017.”

    Check out the new gameplay trailer as well

  4. EA have just confirmed rumours that the German 3rd division, 3 Liga will be in FIFA 18. Its maybe not the league that we were all hoping for (Chinese League) but it is still a good addition none the less. This means we will have 20 more playable teams in career mode and a boat load of new players in FUT, some of which may turn out to be pretty good, I wouldn’t expect anything higher than silver cards to come from this league though. This addition is likely because of EA’s partnership with the German Bundesliga which also allowed us to vote for the Bundesliga Team Of The Season for the first time, earlier this year. At the end of the day, the more content the better and to be fair, we do already have 4 British leagues in the game already!

  5. You'll be able to play with not one but three different versions of some of the greatest soccer players of all time in FIFA Ultimate Team mode.


    Was Ronaldinho better in 2002 when he was with PSG or in 2010 with Milan? FIFA 18 has an answer and we'll all be able to play with those two versions of Ronaldinho, plus one from 2004 when he was probably in his prime, soon enough.

    That will come thanks to FUT ICONS Stories, a new feature revealed today for FIFA 18. Ronaldinho will join other soccer legends like Pele, Ronaldo Nazario, Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin and Diego Maradona, each of whom will have three different versions — with appropriate stats and appearances — available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Other FUT features recently revealed include:
    • Squad Battles – Compete against other squads from the FUT community, move up the leaderboard and even tackle the squads of celebrities and pro FIFA players.
    • Champions Channel – Watch full match replays from the pros and (hopefully) learn some tricks to take your own game up a notch.
    • Objectives – Finish daily and weekly goals ranging from squad management tasks to in-game challenges to score great FUT rewards.
    EA also released a sweet new trailer showing the FUT ICONS in action and displaying their Stories versions.

  6. EA have been revealing new features left right and center during their FUT Live stream. Objectives are sort of weekly and daily manager tasks which player can complete to earn sweet rewards. They explicitly mentioned that daily rewards will be different per player but weekly objectives will be the same for everyone. These should give you a reason to log into FUT every day (if the rewards are decent).


    As stated earlier, Icons will have three variants which represent different points in their footballing careers. EA have said that the two lower versions will be available in packs all the time where as the “Prime” versions (highest rated) will be available through a new weekly event which is called Throwback Thursday. I’m pretty sure they said that these cards can be errant through SBC’s which is a little interesting, I guess we will have to see how that pans out. Anyway, we have a load of new Icons to drool over, check out all of the currently revealed icons here - FUT ICONS Player Ratings - FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - EA SPORTS


    Squad building challenges are being upgraded for FIFA 18, some small changes such as brick positions which will block out certain positions in the squad and give select links to players around them. This could be seen as a way for EA to better control prices of SBC’s and pretty much limit options for certain positions. SBC investing could be huge for FUT 18. They have also added some new controls which allow players to clear squads with one button and better access the squad builder option. Some news which links to this, is that the FUT Companion app will be unified across PC, Mobile and Tablet which means you will now be able to complete SBC’s on the Webapp. Also, check out the first group of confirmed Ones to Watch cards and the new pack animation below -


    The final piece of news to come out of FUT Live was actually pretty huge. A new game mode for single player titled, Squad Battles will be coming to FIFA 18. This mode is essentially somewhere for player who can’t qualify for FUT Champs, to play and practice against the AI. Essentially, what you have to do is play against select squads that are randomly chosen or play against the Featured challenge which will be set by celebrities or influencers within the community(these will act as boss battles according to the devs). Players will be rewarded with differing amounts of points (dependent on the match difficulty and opposition squad rating) which will be used to place them within ranks Bronze-Elite, just like FUT Champs. It looks really fun and it will provide a less stressful mode which will give out decent rewards. Hopefully the AI won’t be as boring as it was this year!


    And finally, a small piece of news. The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA will have a FUT mode and it will run alongside the other console versions when it comes to Promo’s and other events. We will probably hear more about the Switch version at Gamescom later this month but so far, it’s looking good for the Switch!

    You can check out the full stream here if you missed it, you might want to skip about 40 minutes in as it was a bit late to start!

  7. Liking the demo.

    It seems the players are a lot more realistic in their turning/dribbling etc and it seems a lot more fluid with no lag.

    Hopefully this is what the finished game is like.
  8. Playing the demo on Legendary and thump City 4-1 with United, also beat LA Galaxy 3-0 with Chivas. Seems a bit too easy so far. I did draw 2-2 with Boca Juniors using Atletico like but meh.
  9. Not tried the demo. What's this quick sub thing I've been reading about?
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