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Xbox 360 Fifa 14

  1. Played the demo of the latest FIFA today, FIFA 14, and really enjoyed it. I think this is the most realistic one yet. Overall the graphics are a bit sharper, and gameplay is more realistic and fun for my taste anyway. Best FIFA so far in my opinion. That means that the next-gen version must be a killer ;)
  2. We've got this ordered. It should be delivered tomorrow morning.

    I've not tried the demo but I enjoyed FIFA 13 :)
  3. Still not convinced by it but it is waaaay better than PES 2014
  4. Yeah, we've never bought a PES title. I know a lot of the time EA Sports just give their games a makeover with little in the way of new features but they are still the best for sports simulations. FIFA is miles ahead of PES in terms of features and realism.
  5. Must admit, I'm finding it really hard to score goals in FIFA Ultimate Team :(
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