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Favourite Arcade Games

  1. What are you favourite games in our arcade?

    Also, if you've seen some games elsewhere and would like to see them in our arcade make a request in the Arcade Games Request thread

    My favourite right now is Candy Crush. I'm not sure how much similarity there is between our arcade version and the one on Facebook but I'm finding our version pretty addictive :D
  2. Candy Crush. It's so addictive :)
  3. Like everyone else I'm addicted to Candy Crush but Quiz Mania is also worth playing :)
  4. Big Pixel Zombies is fun too :D
  5. Yeah, Big Pixel Zombies was a favourite on the old arcade :)
  6. It's pretty simplistic but I like PinballDroid
  7. Do you like pinball games? I can add some more and even put them in their own category if you all like them
  8. I have a lot of games yet.
    My Favorite For example Hammered, because you have to hit with the hammer the nail or Heist, which is also good.
    If you need games like I can upload what
  9. Wow, Crazy Collapse seems like an easy enough game, but isn't easy at all. And is very addicting. (y)
  10. Homerun


    I've been in that condition a time or two. :LOL:
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