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PlayStation DriveClub Gets New Footage

  1. Sony's released some new footage of DriveClub and it's looking rather stunning.

    The footage in question takes place in the forests of Canada, showing off both the stunning 1080p visuals and the lush greens whizzing past in the background.

  2. Sony has released a live presentation of DriveClub in which we get new information on the all new weather system, which introduces rain, snow and thunderstorms into the game.

    Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talks all about the new features in this recorded interview, while also showing off some live gameplay, which is has to be said looks fantastic.

    Here's a new trailer too.

    And also new screens

  3. Evolution Studio's DriveClub is starting to look rather special, especially in the latest video footage released in which we get to see the dynamic weather system.

    The weather won't actually be present on day one due to development of the main game being worked on until the last minute, however it will be patched in soon after DriveClub's release.

    A sneak peek at how dynamic rain puts you at the edge of control as you race through the lush forests of Canada.

    See how dynamic rain affects your visibility while slipstreaming your rivals along the winding roads of Scotland.

    I feel this will be bloody impressive and Playstation owners are in for a treat!
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