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Featured Donald Trump

  1. Interesting times ahead now that The Donald is officially in power. I didn't think much of his speech at the inauguration and no idea how he is going to achieve most of the promises he has made through his campaign.
    Hopefully someone will advise him to stop posting on Twitter. Some of his tweets have been embarrassing and not how "the most powerful leader in the world" should behave.
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  2. I didn't pay much attention to The Inauguration but from what I've read Donald Trump is saying "Buy American", "American jobs first".

    Theresa May says the same about the United Kingdom but with more class and to be honest it seems that a lot of political leaders are saying the same. But what happens if everyone becomes protectionist and puts their own country first?

    That is one way of putting it!
    I don't think that will happen. I'm sure he mentioned that himself at one of the Inauguration after-parties. But I'm sure he won't be able to continue with the post first, think later style that he currently has.
  3. The Trump presidency is a response to the media driven, opinionated society we have in the world today. Because Trump has stated opinion on almost everything, he contradicts himself. He is a mix of as much left-wing views as right-wing views and has liberal and conservative views mixed in too. You can bet he is a capitalist but he is not a free market capitalist.

    I'm certainly not a fan. I think it is dangerous to have him in power but I am prepared to give him a chance. Trump has not done anything yet. If he can defeat ISIS and improve the US economy and does not start another unnecessary war in the Middle East, then he will be relatively successful. Let's see where he goes: he has to fulfil his promise to neglected parts of America and he will have to prove those who hate him wrong.
  4. Both Trump and his spokesman, Sean Spicer, have claimed that his inauguration drew record-breaking crowds, and that the media live footage - and thousands of pics from every angle - are faked.

    Oh, and Trump told the CIA he made them his first official visit because he needs their help tackling the dishonest media. (Ten days ago, he compared the CIA to Nazis.)

    Obama left, Trump right:
  5. Could it be that he is just genuinely delusional?
  6. Amid all the fuss about crowd numbers, there was a truly disturbing line in Trump's speech at the CIA yesterday. On Iraq, he said:

    "We should have kept the oil. Maybe we’ll have another chance."


    Inside the Kremlin’s hall of mirrors | Peter Pomerantsev | News | The Guardian

    A fair few will dismiss this out of hand because of the source but this is a good insight into 'fake news' regarding Russia in particular. Many people seem to declare anything they don't agree with as' fake news' now which is worrying imo.
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  7. He's the author of by far the best book about Putin's manipulation of the media. It's a must-read. Everything Putin did, Trump is now doing (though Trump is doing it without subtlety, and in a country which has always had a free press).

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  8. Interesting article - shows the problems we face in dealing with news stories.

    It's easier just to declare anything you don't like as "fake news" rather than deal with the issues. Just like the blanket term "MSM" is used to discredit all news sources who are not supporting your side. Fact checking websites are similarly dismissed out of hand.
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  9. I don't think this will be resolved throughout the 4 years (or 8 depending on how things pan out). Its all rather 1984 Big Brother isn't it, anything from approved news sources is true, everything else is fake and should be discarded, very worrying.
  10. Trump is a whole lotta talk... and a whole lotta b.s. He's already started off great by straight up lying to the American people, over something so trivial and easily checked. It's not that he lied - politicians lie. It's more that he thinks that the American people are stupid enough not to fact check him. He claims that he's for the people, that he's not an "establishment" kinda man... Okay... Well him and the CEOs that were sitting behind him at the inauguration -are- the establishment.

    He's unqualified to be President. It's not a speculation, it's not bad mouthing, it's not "fearful of change". It's fact. His only qualification to be President is that he's a great businessman?? He's filed for cooperate bankruptcy six times. He won't release his tax returns (probably because they don't exist) which is the only evidence that he might be decent at business.

    But, I want Trump to succeed. I hate his guts, the very ground that he walks on, and I want the hell hounds to drag him back to hell where he belongs. But I want him to succeed as President. Because wishing otherwise is like hoping that the Captain will steer the ship into an iceberg that all Americans at the very least are on. You see why this is a bad thing? We're in this together, regardless if we like it or not. People threatening to leave, to go to Canada, Europe, whatever... It's sad, really. It's really really sad. Why? Because sometimes you get dealt shit cards. It happens in every single game of poker you play. But it's not about the cards, it's about how they're played.

    And no, I'm not saying "suck it up and deal with it". I'm saying, he is the President, but he's not OUR dictator, nor is he our boss. He was sworn into office on Friday, but to the American people, our temporary employee just started work. He does and will answer to us, as long as we make him.
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