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TV Talk Dexter Ending Explained

  1. This final season seemed to be headed in a great direction, and then everything they did throughout the show didn't even really seem to matter in the end.

    Showrunner Scott Buckstands by his ending, saying, "This is absolutely the ending I wanted."

    Unfortunately for him, most of the fans don't seem to agree. In a recent interview with THR he explains his ending. Then there's the former showrunner, Clyde Phillips, who gave his alternate vision of the ending, which I actually liked a lot better. But here's what Buck had to say about his ending,
    As for the final season as a whole, he said,
    As for Phillips' thoughts on the matter, he told the Reddit fans that "They broke the code with the audience."

    When asked about the eighth season, he went on to explain that, "It’s so important to keep the rules in place when doing a show like that.

    Then in an interview with E!, he shared his vision for the ending of Dexter, which I actually really like.
    I like that this ending gives us an official close to Dexter. I understand what they were doing with the ending we got, but it wasn't a satisfying conclusion. It's almost like they just left it open for another season.[/QUOTE]​
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