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Movie Talk Despicable Me 2

  1. Saw this yesterday and really enjoyed it, they obviously realised the Minions are the best thing about the series so they get way more screentime, but not at the expense of Gru or the three girls even though Agnes still gets all the best lines between them.

    I had to see it in 3D as it was the only way it was being shown but it works so, so much better in animated films, and it's utilised really well (especially in the end credit sequence).

    The kids in the audience I saw it with loved it, and the adults were chuckling away for the most of the movie, its not belly laugh funny but its got some good moments, and the minions steal the show again.
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  2. I want to see this!!!!! :joyful:
  3. Could go next week with Riah if you want? xx
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  4. I'll let you know when. Will probably be next Thursday though :D :playful:
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  5. Yay, definitely :D xxx
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