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Xbox 360 Dead Rising 2 And Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

  1. Available for free to Xbox LIVE Gold Members until the 31st August.

    For those that aren't familiar, Dead Rising 2 is a zombie survival title where the main character, Chuck Greene, tries to stay alive during a zombie outbreak in the Las Vegas-like Fortune City. That means lots of action in casinos and zombies dressed extremely tacky. It also means that players will be able to hunt down parts to weapons and combine them into crazy killing contraptions such as a wheelchair with mounted machine guns or pole with mounted chainsaws.

    The game was originally released in 2010 with Case Zero serving as a prologue to the game explaining why Chuck is in Las Vegas and why he must survive.

  2. Installed this and gave it a go last night. Didn't really enjoy it so uninstalled it again.
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