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Arcade News

  1. There could be disruption and changes to the arcade over the next few weeks. One of the sites which we get a lot of our games from and which hosts some of the scoring system (for those games) is closing down.

    I would imagine some of the games will stop working but we will look at alternatives and also at keeping any disruption at a minimum.
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  2. Looks like the scores will stop working for a lot of the games. I may take the arcade offline for a few days once this comes into effect and try work out a solution :)

    Don't pay any attention to the extra message that displays on some games after the adverts have loaded ;)
  3. Ok, I've gone through the arcade and removed all the games that aren't loading. (I may have missed 1 or 2 so please report them)

    There are still games submitting scores that may stop working in a few days time but we'll keep an eye on them.
  4. Sadly a lot more games have stopped submitting scores now so I've removed them too.
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